ELLIS Unit Warsaw

ELLIS Unit Warsaw is hosted by IDEAS NCBR.
It is the first ELLIS Unit in Poland, located in Varso Tower.

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ELLIS Units connect outstanding AI researchers at a certain location and fulfill a set of strict criteria to ensure scientific excellence and a maximum level of competitiveness at international level. They are local representations of the ELLIS network which aims to secure Europe’s leadership in modern AI by enabling free basic machine learning research open to economy and society.

The long term goal of ELLIS is to establish a set of world-class ELLIS Institutes, each being the core of a local AI ecosystem.

IDEAS NCBR is a research and development center operating in the field of artificial intelligence, established by the National Centre for Research and Development. Our mission is to support the development of this technology in Poland by creating a platform connecting the academic and business communities.

We build the largest space in Poland friendly to conducting innovative, world-class research. We educate a new generation of scientists focused on the practical application of developed algorithms and their subsequent commercialization in industry, finance, medicine, and other branches of the economy. 

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ELLIS Society

ELLIS is a pan-European AI network of excellence. It builds upon machine learning as the driver for modern AI and aims to secure lasting international leadership of AI made in Europe by connecting top researchers in this field and by creating a multi-centric AI research laboratory. Founded in 2018, ELLIS has grown into a network that counts more than 40 ELLIS units at world-class institutions in more than 15 countries, 16 ELLIS programs and a pan-European PhD program. The members of ELLIS are committed to shaping the future of AI in Europe by pushing the scientific and technological boundaries for human-centered, beneficial and safe AI.